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In memory of DDr.Ferdinand Gross judge on behalf of the UNO- Holocaust

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In memory of DDr.Ferdinand Gross judge on behalf of the UNO- Holocaust
In memory of DDr.Ferdinand Gross judge on behalf of the UNO- Holocaust
In memoria di DDr.Ferdinand giudice lordo per conto della UNO-Hlolocausto
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To commemorate DDr.Ferdinand large mirror lawyer Anwaltsbank.Die pages dealing with the judiciary, lawyers and are intended as a small information board. Partial is the former attorney mirror I had on the net, be linked. In my former opinion that the Trust Register of the Bar Association does not provide absolute protection, I have as many Internet activations documented right. However, it is even worse for the notaries. I
did not imagine such a high damage as today. It all started basically from 1946. This year, the first provision processes were conducted towards the end and finished in 1947 with the exception of a few stragglers. In other courts incomparably less or not at all was used against Nazi purchaser. Additionally, the then Court Chief DDr.Ferdinand large-BG Bruck sat on the Mur River in October 1945 in the office with the resolution of leases under this Act apart. A problem which until the sixties gave occasion to dispute what is not known in the literature. Austrians later trusted him as a lawyer on hand blow their house key on. In other district capitals, there was no or little errands. (Carinthia) In Salzburg, only in the inner city and church property., The accuracy of the work of the Historical Commission in its work I doubt. It is to use the register of the courts. Additionally, the collection of documents at this time in the land registry and the existing and enforceable judgments. The Prozessakt which is already outsourced, can be difficult in the countries concerned in the national archives. In most cases the file without prejudice to legal obligations were destroyed. I remember an article in the Law 1947 leaves an Austrian lawyer in New York, where he took over the lack of enforcement of the already poor law which two novellas or even other laws, ranted. Followed here can not be accused . The third provision of the law was in Ordnung.Nur enforcement did not work. The judges just did not. Nazism was not yet over. The government under Chancellor Karl Renner (Social Democrat) has indeed acted quickly and effectively and with already 1 May in important laws enacted in 1945 and started to put soon the Constitution of 1929 in effect. The (old) and the Criminal Code (old) Criminal Procedure followed in the spring, the Code of Civil Procedure by mid-year. Also mistakenly veritable Nazi regulations were received, what has changed in complicity with the bar associations recently. So the important access to the file (even in traffic accidents) to the gendarmerie, which is open until the 20th as the Third Reich Century was banned in Austria. The Code of Criminal Procedure currently in force by no means original. However you provides improvements dar. Much has been written off from the imperial patent in 1867. The liberal thought could then manifest just in this Act. The flowering under Gladstone in England by 1948 ushered in the late period. After the Lawyers Act 1945 former members of the Nazi party could then (the SA did not come up for a membership of a lawyer in question anyway). The entry of an SS Obersturmbannführer was no problem for the Bar in Graz. War had to be defended by unfair methods. In the American zone, the consent of the occupying power for the entry into the legal list view for denazification in Jahoda, history of the firm, Vienna The lawyer Dr.Steinbauer of Austria was required. 1978 does not meet the spirit of the time in 1945 and 1946. was traveling at least to Nuremberg, on 09/30/1946 at former Interior Minister (later federal chancellor) brought before the International Military Tribunal evil upon Austria and infiltrated by the SS as interior minister in the government was Dr.Seyß-Inquart defend. He was last imperial governor in Holland. Jahoda also admits that the vast number of lawyers or members of the Nazi party officials were and it makes no difference whether its conduct was legal or illegal. The Disciplinary Board had been Minister Dr.Schlegelberger (Justice) 1941 subject to the State Supreme Court. (Courts of honor). According to the relevant laws is Dr. Karl Renner and his Secretary of State for Justice believe that the laws in the name of the Republic of Austria to be announced, but this was not until the State Treaty of 1955 legal reality. Judges had to be recognized by Unohochkommissär. The sentences were commissioned by the UN High Commissioner and was like the return of the property on this basis by Aryanised registration of property., it was at the beginning of the legal system of the Second Republic with hardly a trained judge practice was not a member of the NSDAP. My father DDr.Ferdinand Gross (born 1913 Matura 1932 BG Liebenau, PhD University of Graz Dr.Jur.1936 sub auspiciis, also Dr.rer.pol .1939 Graz sideline - good unit) had the Empire assessor examination as a vintage second best in Berlin in 1941 stored and the appointment was made by the district judge by the leader Adolf Hitler at his headquarters in person, as an athlete in national competitions he enjoyed a certain amount of trust and was appointed first Leibnitz and later Celje and Ptuj (Slovenia) head to court. Previously, he worked in the administration of justice at the Higher Regional Court of Graz. During this time he acquired the second doctorate. During the war he served briefly as a riding instructor, but then applied for a job as an accountant as a Corporal, which he in the war and the military rank (Corporal). maintained. The career as an officer he could not refuse. Later he held the appointment as accounting officer in northern Italy from March 1945 until approx. He has never even fired a shot in the war and was always in contact with the resistance. In many legal aid interrogations by excitation of the evidence submitted, he has helped with political offenses time and again, about when an accused had sung in a modified form of the Horst Wessel song, punishable by death. In most cases, defense witnesses who were at the front in the Russian campaign were held and expected that they are deceased. In return the documents before the war ended she then destroyed my father himself. SS members were sent by the company commander as sentinels at the edge of the Alps. In his judicial activities, he was by the Yugoslav secret police called completely correct (Personal inspection of the police computer at the Yugoslav police). He also traveled soon after the war to Yugoslavia, which his fellow student DDr.Baumgartner Vice President of the Provincial Court for civil matters Graz under Tito as a former Nazi -. Member dared not in hostilities, he was never involved he was in the Resistance in northern Italy into contact with albino. Luciani, who later became Patriarch of Venice and then John Paul I, who at this time was not yet Bishop of Vittorio Veneto, but was staying in the area of ​​Beluno. With the agreement of a secret private peace with the future Pope and the Italian partisans, my father was present (as interpreter). Albino Luciani spoke perfect German. This also prevented hostilities with the Italian partisans in this area in the area of ​​Lignano Good on a certain coin. Only when the Titopatisanen to Friuli Udine city and further south towards Venice advancing - for it was the interest of the protection of the Free Territory of Trieste - continued my father, with several million Reichsmark with the bike and a small gun armed to the free city of Venice and stayed there for three months. At that time the war was, it must have been the beginning of April 45 to the end, apart from some attacks by the SS to the prolongation of the war, which soon retroactively constituted a crime under the War Crimes Act in force in the beginning of May 45th It was built a concentration camp before the war ended just before Trieste. It was at this time in Austria hardly suitable judges, as they were significantly biased politically. A few months after my father returned from the Eastern Front Dr.Schoehay entered into the service of the judge BG Bruck. An excellent civil lawyer. Then early fifties Dr.Ferstl (later President OLG Graz.) He had unfolded activities with the provision of Aryanised assets. A judgment of him I have found in the document collection. The blood Judge of the Third Reich were reinstated only in the sixties. (Cited above Bronner). Ease NASDAP members or candidates were excluded from the litigation long, so my father had to simultaneously deal of dishes. (Leoben, Bruck an der Mur , Mürzzuschlag and Kindberg.) Efforts were made to rapidly fill the judgeships, military service was credited in the period of one year, the judge issued exam. (Kofler case?) (See page bullying). Unlike the legal situation was with the entry in the list of lawyers. You could have been without another member of the SS. One could only have committed no offense by the Criminal Law. The review here was difficult anyway. Threatened In this case either the death penalty as have occupied the certain offices in the office of Gauleiter of Bruck an der Mur had his seat and was shot in the yard of the District Court of Leoben. Others from Bruck landed (only) in the camp of Wolfsberg in jurisdiction of the people's courts, as well as fanatics without (especially) to commit an offense, but already in the time prohibition had such Johann W. of the SA. . (Sturmbannführer) He has ignited with his friend Egon Faschmann-lezterer mainly engaged in the freight station already in the ban time hack crossfire on the race field (mountain of Bruck an der Mur), lost his job as a foreman, due to its position as SA - Sturmbannführer. The Nazis of the first hour have done enough damage by organizations. Those who were forced in the late period of the Waffen - SS are completely accede to evaluate different. But the first coup by the Nazis in 1935 was successfully defeated. The Federal President Dr. Wilhelm Miklas gave in 1939 not voluntarily surrender his office to the Nazis and committed suicide by shooting. The remarks of Dr. Karl Renner, that Austria was occupied by military occupation are incorrect. (State Gazette 1 dated May 1, 1945). It was rather due to the thousand mark lock during an economic crisis in Austria to a forced referendum was not secret. It was also previously governed by a constitutional law that Austria is part of the German Empire. My father agreed yet, however. In the late forties fell former Nazi lawyers in their old ways, they knew very well punishable under the system of denunciation, after the war law. Bruck an der Mur developed by a group of lawyers standing right a regular harassment against other interesting people, which experienced a late boom among the recently retired President of the Chamber Dr.Guido hero. He gave himself to a witch-hunt in Bruck an der Mur.'s Father was the second Vice President of the Third Reich SS Colonel physician and SS Obersturmbannführer. His methods were questionable, especially in eastern Poland. The author has reports of his personal secretary. His best friend was responsible for the shooting death of twenty thousand Jews. (Source a Social Democrat who was forced at age 17 to join the Waffen SS and had moved away from the troops in Romania and dived at shepherds and a secretary.) In Bruck an der Mur, he was first violinist. Compared with the patients there was an extermination camp. DDr.Ferdinand Gross called the second vice president of the siskin, the translation of his name from the Czech. The lawyer, who himself was shocked then and then has a grave speech held. Special thanks to the priest for his grave Mag.Dr.Crisper speech on the peace efforts of my father in Italy. The former second vice president must have gone in the other in the teaching of his father coined by the Nazis as SS - held physician and SS-Obersturmbannführer high office in the Third Reich - Colonel. On its activities in Poland through him I was there reported by his secretary. Essential one has forgotten under the time of Guido hero, protecting against assaults by lawyers against clients with embezzlement and collusion of lawyers against the unsuspecting population supplied with the same political views and angustia loci in Bruck an der Mur. Besides that you transgressed against foreign funds practiced it in the Committee of the Bar Association especially with the help of a committee member, the last of the old guard, who still sits in committee nor in the Office of bullying (I do not use for now the concept of criminal harassment to all documents are at the table). Meanwhile deselected posterior wall infarction. Was condemned by countless actions against local rivals such as the author, such as causing the refund of incorrect (false) criminal complaints under Gone locks on Disciplinary help an inmate and major criminals of for the crime of serious commercial fraud to 24 months imprisonment by instructions like this against should act the lawyer who brought him to justice in the prison law. much more I will contribute to legal certainty and represent in your own pages by reference of documents, whereas been violated and also to cases tolerated dual representation, which shall show suffered millions in damages. This is appropriate especially as the new President of the Chamber in the legal profession has total confidence, but work up contaminated sites. However, it will be a lawsuit by the World Human Rights in Geneva Pact. The methods of the chamber was almost deliberate destruction of livelihoods through economic gagging and unauthorized damage (literature Gschnitzer in sound, fourth volume, Vienna, 1952, page 201, and modern literature). Only now it is not successful. The Schadensbertrag in the millions. Concern the case Dr.Eichholzer whose father was senior DDr.Gross with friends. His brother, an Austrian resistance fighter died for the free and Austria refused a pardon. Published a case under this article in an Austrian newspaper I consider attempted falsification of history., The last payroll of the bar association with a skull. . (See page mobbing) The author is a witness to the approach taken by the newspaper. Unscientific use of a court-protocol - before the resistance fighters were tortured. The rightmost chamber in Styria applied against Dr.Manfred Eichholzer a trustee process, because it processed against the chamber (There are other cases - Dr.Manfred Eichholzer was placed under guardianship See GZ 2Bkd8/96 -.. Stops here, the Supreme Court in his knowledge states that a trustee process is an engaging action., the Supreme Court cited in its decision Dr. Eichholzer at his trial argument that the Styrian Chamber of Lawyers as was documented to certify against the Vorarlberg Chamber of Lawyers einhebt a much lower Kammerumlage and claimed a finding made assets of the Bar Association of 52 million (apparently every year - see knowledge).. Court of Auditors report in secret Rechtshofbericht seems to be right Dr.Eichholzer (This can be obtained free of charge from the author.) are missing millions from the pension fund, the Supreme Court was not an absurd act of colleagues. Dr. Eichholzer find. criticism is a part of freedom of expression. The processes in the chamber called Dr.Manfred Eichholzer as from the knowledge seen as reckless behavior, which Dr.Eicholzer of criminal allegations did not shrink., the allegations over themselves. The knowledge found the usual allegations of the chamber in terms of bullying, how not meet the residence requirement., the Supreme Court saw rather more of a need for protection of Appeals advertiser's (literally) and had the appeal of Dr.Eichholzer sequence and how removed from the spell seen the decisions of the lower courts without replacement . Moreover, he expressed: The trustee proceeding is terminated, the Supreme Court has legitimized the Board has granted Privacy Adverse information Dr. Eichholzer lost insurance companies as clients, the Chamber has these methods are not changed until now has been to many criminal..... And what offenses violate the Chamber of notification of the judgment of the Supreme Court then made to continue their unfair methods -., the author knows how many files this is right-wing drift chamber even to death in Styria -. obviously applies in Styria not what the Supreme Court determines. The first ads by Nazi lawyers were already made in 1948 against DDr.Gross due to the reset process, the head of the legal office of the United Steel Works was for these reasons and later as a lawyer three times in the committee at the time of the President, Dr. Leo Kaltenbäck was gwählt. President of the Chamber is then failed in his lawsuit against the social democratic family counseling at the Supreme Court. (see other pages). The process led by the President of the Board, Dr. Gerhard Schmid (FPÖ) I only posthumously because of attacks against the author could bring to the screen. Currently a president Kaltenbäck the political order was prepared, however, to some extent again. way too over the years as Dr.Ulrich Daghofer, the office as vice president led for known reasons and did all the work in the chamber. (The former president was an alcoholic) After the war, were still the old disciplinary councils from the time of the courts of honor in the Disciplinary and gave no condemnation from the time of National Socialism, for political reasons, the chance of recovery. Example:. A lawyer in the Third Reich, a black shopkeeper who had sold a pound of butter and was convicted of the fact that he had defended it was a resumption in 1950 virtually eliminated. (In Berlin, the situation was no different, but probably in the Social Democratic Vienna.) The lawyer got about again the same punishment, though not in Reichsmarks. Finally, the courts have contributed to damage in the economy due to concern bankruptcy awards to attorneys at the present time in this room who did not dominate the mass execution. One lawyer from Bruck an der Mur, the prison landed was already a day already on the early afternoon in the brothel Blue Velvet in Bruck an der Mur and consumed there on a day up to 30 000, Shilling and bought the bankruptcy judge a cell phone so that he could always reach him (he served as trustee in bankruptcy no processes ). A civil servant, he reported getting hush money and is now deceased in 61igen age. He was closely monitored., the other lawyer brought by dual representations (processes) but also if necessary by non-performing processes defaulter to her entire estate. This was the practice in the Bankruptcy award of the Regional Court of Leoben. Former Bankruptcy Judge Dr.Max crediting Rider (Dr.jur et theol.) worked strictly on a rotational basis and also monitored the progress of the insolvency administrator in his efforts. Already at six clock early, he read the Zurich newspaper. And then came the uncontrolled handle in the Pension Fund under the President as never Dr.Held the Styrian Chamber of Lawyers. Apparently responsible that our pensions are too low. however, we again have 110 million in the pot. So much. The Actuary's not true. There is little Emeritus attorneys., you all die shortly after retirement. Only the attorney widows live long., but the chamber paid them almost nothing. 1 160 EUR monatlich.Der Court also has the bad disposition criticized. Were the money back?, it is appropriate that the Court further checks., the responsible official Michael Zsizisk showed not given informed consent to the chamber. however, had as auditors of the bar exam Dr.Ulrich Daghofer which now has a large network going. primary responsibility of grievances has always been the president himself and as are the many travel bills to be considered without proper certification. Whether the chamber will voluntarily submit to a further examination? And because of a few shillings you probably Dr.Eicholzer the short payments for the second board could not shell driven to death (death due to bullying Heart Attack Reason:.. Trobozytenausschüttung (see other pages) The intervention under the chattel against him by the Chamber treasurer came to fight the Chamber Member Dr.Eichholzer was naked, torn from the bed, then came the arrest of the chamber member present. you go to Chamber members ruthless in the land register. Attempts have also deliberately waited through bullying on the cake destroyed firms by mittlerweilige representation.'s former second vice president was assigned to most of Dr.Held as mittlerweiliger deputy. During Committee of the Styrian Chamber of Lawyers of the author were be set to the file. denied (A basic norm of the Constitution of the Legal System) and the author find it on the basis of a delegation in terms of individual pieces of evidence in a file in the chamber in Vienna. Due to the attempted insinuations own Halbtagsekretärin for at least 20 years had required statements . Indicators has written a Kapfenberg lawyer, but failed in treatment Diziplinarrat and it eventually led to the committee the bullying with a system., it could then be detected internally on the basis of connections to the police that the City Burglars Kapfenberg Ninaus (23 proven burglaries ) at the material time of the alleged act of breaking into my office in Germany was in custody (The author would have on these issues the intruder order total, there were at least 30 innocent criminal-partial use was made of welfare recipients -.., a woman was also for the crime of libel sentenced to 5 years. Bar Association managed the operations of a coroner. source a conscientious police officer. was then determined by the method of adjustment. (ne bis in idem UN Human Rights Pact!) Then the Secretary of the author passed away after these inquiries. He suggested . to The story goes on indefinitely Police officer identified in the thing Masonic Testament The pasted link does not work -.. in this picture I see Walter Schmid and Walter grave man again (go to GOGLE images under Walter grave man -., the text is there somewhat confused-the Knight's Cross of the W.Schmid I realized again - that W.Grabmann Obert Sturmbannführer was thus may not werden.Er demonstrated, however, was more than an SS-Obergruppenführer (page must be ordered due to the insertion.) Note link works. .

As for the case with the City Burglars Ninaus is run they had wrested from him a false confession, I would break the contract erteilt.Mithäftlinge have reported the presence of witnesses of the events. The police were, however, the author a copy of the shear act of burglar from Germany. The proof of the burglary because the order failed because potential perpetrators concerning the burglary was located in Kapfenberg to maintain the material time in prison in Germany. A theft could not be ascertained in the burglary. They were looking for documents. In how far the Bar Association had their hands in the game would be found in the remarks below. Assessments may only be taken by authorities. Another case of an RA in Kapfenberg commits a false statement within the meaning of § 229StGB with the former girlfriend of the author of the legal interns time, because he had not married her and invents adventurous stories in his memorandum and sets the protocol without prior review of the production and experiencing this woman later what she has under prepared and deposited explicitly that they only wanted to show the wife of the prosecutor. Additionally, it reinforces the forgery by logs that the woman had appeared in the chamber office, even though the events were taking place in his office. The woman was actually with legal counsel show the wife of the author. Such chamber officials in the professional organization are not acceptable for a parent functioning of the Bar Association. Dr.Held used this memo is obviously criminal offense come into being abusive on and is involved in bullying and can invite the attorney to one expert, whose job it was that he screamed with the lawyer, he had beaten his wife. In fact, they had been defeated by the girlfriend of the legal interns. The woman was also a pain and suffering of 35 000, - Shilling Previously awarded the Sachvertändige oversaw the lawyer's waiting room with a camera and watching him on a monitor.. In fact, he had received the act of friend from law internship period, which had defeated and injured the wife of lawyer after she was widowed. The mission of the chamber to the medical expert was ready to make the author. Only the program did not work.'s Expert also not mastered the art report. The author was able to convince the board to the plenary here. Even in the Third Reich had done acquittals. This was not a problem. The acquitted you then he got shot or otherwise killed. Also, the methods of this chamber are not bad. (Coming soon in a special home-hundreds of pages). The Art of Criminal Defense A tried bullying the Dr.Held with an expert and inaccurate understandings? And an expert who can not read a judicial decision. (Documents and witness evidence may at any time be commenced.) Since the years of bullying not fertilized was intelligence test and then cutting with maximum number of points in Matrizestest with 59 points and theoretically can be reached 60th Then came the analogous accusation of second vice president Dr.Zsizisk that the opinion was faked to the experts for a loved Verhältnises and there was a review by Univ.Prof.Dr. Zapatotzky Graz with similar results and additional finding of high creativity, then went one for a change to the Criminal and followed coercion by the second vice-president with the threat of destruction of the economic existence can examine again what can be proven and further continuation of actions as before. There was also a visit to the second Vice-President and the current President of the Chamber, committee member at that time, where he cared for the sales. I have it at the time indicated to him down as a precautionary measure to two million because the author knew what you had before. The extortion (right coercion in the sense of a crime 106 of the Criminal Code) was in front of my friend Dr. Robert Obermann (an additional witnesses had I introduced to his office.) My damage I rate as stated by several million euros, which I, as after months of material preparation innocent citizens will prevail. The chamber also practiced indirect influences over the judiciary. The author has been thrown by the father of an international tug on a staircase and broke as can be seen from the media Schuler. The Republic of Austria is responsible for the escape. (Again, there is a stoppage-hundreds of cases by pushing). Another tractor broke into my house and threatened his daughter Caroline. The police did nothing. On the run, the author telephoned many officials. Then came the Cid Graz and Kapfenberg was in 25 minutes they went with blue light with several cars and arrested a third tractor. This broke my ribs 8 and caused by a deliberate blow to the chin a serious injury with permanent consequences. Some of it is known from the press. (The newspaper articles are posted online.) Meanwhile, against the snitch a process organization formed. There are series of attacks by the chamber. I'm asking for the time being only the question. Who staged the break-in with the Masonic Testament and the slumps. Stolen during the burglaries were documents that 100 000 Euros worth of great-grandfather's clock with the image of the spouses Edward and Sophie young and the hidden documents of his father. Nazis were at work. Held to under Dr.Guido they were in the chamber. Some of the damage assessment. The damage I caused my daughter Caroline rate of 100 000, - EURO. In traffic accidents alone, the annual seizure was 1,000 record (a record year in 1400) and the myriad start-ups, etc. It followed from these reasons declines in the firm and search for data. I have due to the long period of limitation anyway enough time.The criminal acts of the chamber are vielfach.Mehrere family was destroyed. There were deaths. The violations of fundamental rights are given. The violations over themselves. Moreover, it is appropriate that the last chamber as the Austrian notary establishes a legal bank so that the board members of the chamber is protected and managed together in Austria and client funds are not misappropriated. I know countless attacks (which I can cite in their entirety only gradually) but also false allegations with the help of the chamber that monies had-a been referred confusion within the meaning of Friedrich Maximilian Klinger and again attempted civil fraud using the chamber? - An offense of bullying! sub Dr.Held are required retirements of millions in damages for attorneys made in bullying occurred with trends economically cannibalize firms, gave me zBvor you, I would not have answered a letter. After a year, the chamber was then finally the text understand that two letters were used alternately for information. Dr.Held itself often does not respond to letters. He abused his position as a chamber functionary in a large medical-legal case (which he already knew nothing), which had slipped to the second vice-president in a vain attempt to woo me back, but has then made himself nothing else to convey the victim as an invoice. In the matter Dr.Eichholzer I ask Überpüfung with the involvement of his relatives, Dr.Piffl-Percic, lawyer in Graz, mittlerweiliger his deputy and involvement of the Ministry of Justice Section III as a regulator, examination of the opinion Prof.Hofmann Graz, the death certificate and the medical examination and blood tests and exhumation. (see also pages under Mobing) The backers of Dr.Zsizsik Dr. Henry Berger, a lawyer in Bruck an der Mur, the friend of the United DDr.Ferdinand sen. I'm on the basis of an alleged covert double representation responsible for DDr.Gross sen. in a nursing home in Kindberg, where he had to be brought against his will, died in food refusal of grief. Dr.Heinrich Berger has already been relegated, first from the office of the Second Vice-President of a rise in third floor, which was a decline and now his banishment to the outskirts of Bruck an der Mur. At the indicated circumstances with abuse of power against a care wards in conjunction with psychological torture in accordance with article 3 ECHR is subject to the action of the thirty-old clive limitation period under § 1486 Civil Code. (The author refers in this context to Schwimann2.Auflage in Verbotswidrigkeit according to § 879 paragraph 1 of the first phrase Civil Code - the comment does not know a novella from the period 1980 Furthermore, I will cause as regards the term of Dr.Held extensive ministerial inspections because. attorneys if they were in a particularly close relationship to the chamber were repeatedly extracted with embezzlement prosecution. example, the judge advocate in the Supreme Court (OBDK) Dr.Heribert N., who had trespassed on deposit in a bankruptcy. He was due to an opinion ... neurologist Univ Dr.Ott disenfranchised and deprived the prosecution Dr. Richard gypsy railed about this before you went Similar reports from a lawyer in Graz He had been at a cash amount of 450 000, -.. sold out ATS It should bid on a house for an old client. Dr.Held simply could incapacitate him. their own opinion would be precise in criminal proceedings must be obtained even if the lack of criminal responsibility in accordance with § 11 of the Criminal Code should have been detected. Each method has its own opinion. Prof . Dr.Ott is a pure neurologist, he also works at the Department of Neurology Graz and was used for the assessments of the chamber. (culpa in eligendo) My claims review by the supervisory authority in the Ministry of Justice Section III and introduction of an Austrian lawyer bank. I'll III communicate public institutions in business and industry, real estate developers, the Chamber of Commerce and Insurance and the section in the Ministry of Justice. arises also in general the question of how our pension is protected. limiting the autonomy of the chambers and the creation of a unified pension funds is required because funds inexpedient the investment in pension funds were withdrawn, according to the Court report. Here, however, problems will initially occur because the chamber levies in the countries chambers are of different heights and can not be told how much was squandered under Dr.Held. Or is it another scandal, when our pensions can not be paid in full. I assume we are already damaged. Additionally, the Chamber has sometimes alleged criminal illegal bullying considerable damage caused, apart from the third party claims that one with offenses which by from threat of imprisonment year anyway statute of limitations in 30 years. chamber has just been entered in time an SS-Obersturmbannführer in the list of lawyers so that he could defend war criminals .. (He had an extensive medical cabinet to document serious war wounds, which was unlawful.) He defended in the postwar period a myriad of war crimes by the International Criminal Law of June 26, 1945., the Chamber should not have registered the SS Obersturmbannführer., in most cases after the war law was expected life sentences, even if the act was performed on command He apologized this does not put the provisions of § 1 paragraph 3 Criminal Law.. (Constitutional law - but only as a subsidiary of crimes in the case of international jurisdiction Nuremberg did not apply the law) from the stricter the practice in Austria was mild anyway, as in the case of SA member John W. from Bruck an der Mur, at least Nazi propaganda already made in the prohibition period, after the death and decay of the assets after the Austrian War Crimes Act was. (What was not-even partially-pronounced .) The judgment, which winds its formulations I consider national policy but for concern even if one functions in the Third Reich had-there is no collective guilt -.., each case would have to appreciate exactly the activity in the ban period was not proceeding This is only known to the author., the author does not know the negotiation protocol. Judgment shows the extent attention values ​​as if held at least a partial expropriation of the Tatbild need.'s BDR the best known air force general of the German Empire member was the Wehrmacht Major General Walter grave man Kommand the 1.Jagdstaffel, Knight's Cross First Class, spanish cross of swords, iron cross, and many should be used to build up the armed forces more criminally detected and what he refused. (Walter grave man born in 1902.) despicable were the extension acts and incursions by the SS or italian fascists, which were (intentionally) not taken up until now partly even in the late-war period has been set up a secret camp in Probleb at Leoben (Gletschachgraben) The last victims of the Nazis were then driven to Bruck through the city and brought to the camp.. - similar in Thoerl at Aflenz. A Christian Socialist doctor I found him three camps of the late war in Judenburg reported. A chained dog the SS had my uncle picked up a Secondary school one day before the war ended in Kindberg. He fell on the same day at Semmering fight against the Russians. (double penetration of the steel helmet). The chain dog after the war could not usually be taken up. they were converted to the B-Gendarmerie. middle school students were forced in Bruck an der Mur in the afternoon flak on the Mur and the morning by fanatical teachers in BRG Bruck according-regulates. (Oberamtsrat Lengermann from Kapfenberg) reported. DDr-Gross had its own intelligence service who by the SS in Bruck an der Mur, but already died by the Italian Fascists in northern Italy or alive was the contacts reached to Sicily -. mostly due to the funerals took place Meldungen.Zu northern Italy he put in the post already Contacts ago and led the first unlocked phone call between Austria and Italy to Yugoslavia much earlier his rogatory drawn with death the.. Fascism in Slovenia over the district court Bruck were done in a few days. Contacting the future Pope John Paul I was in northern Italy. however, this came to 1947 with the then still fascist Italy in trouble and was what is not on the internet is it the approval of his thesis by claiming political content of the work initially denied and then still referred to as insignificant and as he was highly praised Pope., it was the Pope who always smiled, which also cures were attributed. The Seelig rulings process is for years ., it is not only the Northern League, which plays the supposed blame for the events., it is especially the Vatican, from the recent past can not currently need a saint as Pope. Benedict XVI, was a member of the congregation of the faithful. ( still called Inquisition-like congregation o.Univ.Prof.Dr.Helmut Schnizer 1968 to 1961 recites his lecture about Canonisches Law at the University of Graz.) Just today, the Pope would need a saint. applies to National Socialism, that years of re-education in the Third Empire was made and the master race - right steely race man after (Indo -?) Germanic model was grown, which meant a mostly irreversible character of the whole people I remember a lawyer who took his development as Pimpf in childhood and the system. His life was shaped and then his office someone leaving who had the same views and would like blazes for politically biased processes for the chamber. The chamber used him as the Disciplinary Board. Especially he loved it when his friend (deceased), an expert loudly in a guest house the Ausschwitzlüge, he believed, however, with no comprehensible argument infinitely celebrated. I could such discussions forced to experience with. I vermeine that the situation in Styria Disciplinary Board is remarkable. Certain ads for members that land belonging to the pool if possible in the trash. Although there are Incorruptible like. the Dr.Clement years acting as President (Diziplinarrat)., but this is not enough of the situation to improve. (objected to the secret of Auditors report.) The character of Nazism was by Oswald Spengler in his work of the downfall of the West predicted - even the fight against free enterprise and socialism -. whatever was sought by Adolf Hitler There are, however, English parallels a strong nationalism, which I will occasionally demonstrate through references (The Miracle of Dunkirk. been the intention of German officers and was supported by the leaders - we saw the enemy (for now only in Salventum.) One has only the footnotes on the development of the will with Oswald Spengler - the voluntas - so follow the expression of the will of the Roman times to the time of Friedrich Nietzsche became more and more strengthened and - the personality, persona (literally mask) follow the Etruscan from the general to the modern era took place in the individual, and there was the Etruscan also any article (in Latin, at least one indefinite article . Similarly, in the Umbrian Sabel Lischen language) and still further developed. About this ego of homo sapiens in medical anthropology, which are thousands of years more advanced-beginning (even) in the time of the Greek theater, still evident in the use of third person at the address in Middle High German and Early New High German (still in colloquial speech) - it was at the time of maturity for nationalism specific to the Germanic area by the Nazis literally the mantle of (impersonal) in the intent of the world dominant Germanic unit people down, even though the man was individually and specifically in the individual nations (different) coined the by compulsion to complete slavish subordination in the Community (group consciousness - that - one step backwards in the evolution of a method of the Thule society and systems of non-Jewish lodges intelligence falls -. however, there is no other reason to excellence and the development of the Germanic unit man in his particular species of criminal rape of the human soul, which does not differ among themselves a work of the Thule society on the verge (the research is wrong) but in environment of Adolf Hitler, who intellectually all operations failed to detect and even finally put a product of these instruments with psychopathological reactions and using medications Europe in ruins. Previously by looting and setting interest rates, the economy of the German Empire and its accomplices in the sense of its ideology boosted and kept the people in a good mood. A Bucker lawyer described this as the first anti-cyclical fiscal policy in Europe in a scientific work. Upon completion of the freedom of individual possibilities, a submersion into other systems helps as socialism nothing., the old methods are further maintained with additional current technical refinement and a persisting threat to human welfare, to break existing laws, unconscious acts with criminal content, and psychologically the criminal conduct can hardly be understood, however, that criminal incompetence can be recognized without. One can only . further development only wait, what DDr.Gross sen his book just in time led to the old SS Mitgieder die slowly, so his opinion, however, the seed germinates still further (-. thus created by the myth of the Deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess, the a psychological amnesia exhibited at the Nuremberg trials, drew attention, but then I said no regrets, and finally received a life sentence and consider themselves to those who remained of the old regime from the core area than further their leader Adolf Hitler personally connected. way I experienced in Brazil, a high-ranking SS officer of a posh district casa forte maintained a Pausada and was fled shortly after the war over Zurich, the jungle in Braslien married a chief's daughter and with medicinal plants, a fortune was built on a German pharmaceutical company. From the leader punks he escaped to Berlin by channels. This is Walter Schmid. Some history as he came to Brazil can be found in elsewhere., it was not a plane from Zurich. This would not have been possible. Nor was it in 1947. It was the end of April 1945.Sein friend Walter grave man flew through 8. 5.1945 missions with the 14th Air Season .. An immersion in Paraguay where 1947 General Stroessner coup was then subsequently not possible. Finally he built himself in casa forte Recife, a posh district in the nineties, a double hotel , where embassy staff wrong -. still by blood and honor to his early vow not to the kingdom, but to the leaders tied An extradition was not possible because of marriage, but rather in Paraguay because of the old German legal assistance treaty or from the time before the First World War (Reich Law Gazette 1914). He adored his insignia of the Third Reich. The steel helmet was placed on the nightstand. I had found him by Felbinger about his handbook Brazil. According to my photos in South America was a burglary. Steals was a testament . the one box that was Nazi. During the constitution, this author has not been recognized., the author itself has own photos from Brazil. And what did the opposite movement of the Freimaurerertums already starting in the twenties in the Netherlands about the new man, which a new type of human being envisioned as one breed in the world population by refinement of the people in a group - called soma pschychicon-symobolisiert by the example rose pendant same were executed as enemies, particularly in Munich The idea originally by Max Heindel was, however, only on a modest scale ahead.. . exceed the individual different nations for this purpose are appropriate only conditionally; besides that, everyone can primarily only carry out his individual development of CG Jung, can fulfill the self-realization This is shown also in Oswald Spengler The doctrine of a Dutchman of the original officers of Max.. Heindel for the Netherlands was studied in more detail in the rest later by his son Henk Leene on this point. She had been falsified. In Austria, the Freemasonry of the Dutchman by a senior air force general (Walter grave man) by Adolf Hitler was built up, which is also in the structure of the German Wehrmacht should be used. however refrained and a transformation of personality could not reach. He got even difficulties with the system, because Jewish elements were added to this., the training of the box, however, was taken from the Nazis., but I have it on file recognized., the re-education methods in the Third Reich were mostly irreversible., the combined entity person with disabilities a created in the group under duress and re-education phenomenon as insurmountable human type to which the free (scientific) thinking and influenced the thinking of entire populations, even after Stalingrad and was ultimately responsible for ensuring that Adolf Hitler and his forced Side Logie built in the leadership principle failed in the fiction of invincibility., the Lawyers' Act of 1945 under Chancellor Dr. Renner was thoughtless. The operations were also a result of the then almost simultaneously created self-administration of the Bar Association and the independent Procedure of the Chamber in Vienna. A unified pension scheme was (initially) not only created because of difficulties in the realization after the war. Dr.Renner What should other hand, in the short creation period from May 1, 1945 accomplish anything if already the international legal assessment of the status of Austria in Staatsgetzblatt No.1 of 1945 was totally inadequate and apparently also posed difficulties and only on the occasion of the treaty a proper classification of the international legal status of Austria was possible and yet the Neutrality Act formally as a national standard, a simple law without constitutional status constituted an artifice because by this time Austria as an independent state was only through recognition on the basis of the treaty as a subject of international law exist. Dr.Karl Dr.Renner had much more extensive problems. He was also the officer already in the General Staff in World War 1 under Steiner Stoeger ( Ebner) Edler of stone buildings, Reichskiegsminister also a socialist, which has no biography. Quite I do not understand it anyway. Late President Dr.Adolf sharpening was already Secretary of State without portfolio and had to my knowledge the bar examination filed. The way the legal profession for former Nazis was free a rash. however, the Vienna Bar Association made this way free themselves without government involvement in ownership. What known as became a problem in Styria. In Vienna itself, however, was almost negligible. measures must be taken at the indicated circumstances in any case . the best in government and civil rights had been removed. There were virtually no Jewish lawyers more. I remember the burning of books, which were also the works of Prof. honor branch victim. likes Dr.Schuppich were only in early 1950 in the Lawyers list entered. My father saved some books of honor branch as a student and ruled the exact classification of the work or in the sixties after paragraph of the system that is quoted for years by the Supreme Court, especially in amendment to the jurisdiction of reinforced Senate. (also if honor branch essentially used the system of Krainz and Pfaff). then taught Obersturmbannfuehrer Prof.Dr.Swoboda in Graz civil law. since the new Pope Benedict XVI even the dissertation of John Paul I on the human soul on the internet is no longer searchable. I understand here the Vatican did not. especially but also about his actions in the peace efforts in the war days in Northern Italy relevant pages have been deleted. German resistance fighters could take refuge in him. He took them the confession., but there are several books that deal deal with it. During bred master race is completely humorless embossed petrified equipped with a sheath people without any conscience, remain still with us. A nationalsozialischer lawyer tried once in 1965 to make it big in Kapfenberg and tried to dive into the SPÖ. This was possible only in Bruck an der Mur (in Kapfenberg groups attacked from the resistance movement of the Social Democrats 1932 -. liaisons Paula Wallisch). The report of this time is on another page are insights and incidents, political groups, which they made found no literature can. Guido hero thought him the last listed attorney in a memorial minute at a general meeting of the Styrian Chamber of Lawyers. An old party comrade in the Third Reich, who practiced the Code of Civil Procedure with shouting in the seventies. Civilized colleagues he described as mimosas. He was a lawyer without meaning his wife Associate was always superior to him professionally far. Others were the only tactical followers and otherwise out of all thought like the later Vice President DDr.Baumgartner of the district court for ZRS Graz have the time unscathed. My Father but he has a day when Hitler after the invasion of Graz was advised to join the Nazi Party and is predicted relatively accurately take everything as long. DDr.Ferdinand Gross was before his retirement for services through the Golden doctors advice along with the former Federal Minister for Education Dr . Piffl-Percevic honored. This was imprisoned during the Third Reich. He was a man of honor. Shortly before I could get him in the political process of independent family counseling from the Committee of the Styrian Chamber of Lawyers quit after several periods. He learned that I face if the litigation the chamber was compelled criminal law by the President. DDr.Ferdinand Gross has always worked in the interest of proper professional representation and never charged a mileage allowance in his travels to Vienna or to the Bar Association in the enforcement committee. He has also contributed to the financial administration serious not by a alcoholics is performed. then it went to a parent professional organization for the Upper Styria anyway downhill. followed in Graz embezzlement of millions by the gay chamber official Dr.Eberhard M. of settled cost his double life a lot. A lawyer from the city raised more quickly 6 Millonen Shilling borrowed money from and wanted to marry before settling into a foreign country yet, which he did and was a bigamist. Finally, at that time a lawyer has used the money from countless Häuselbauern for a settlement project and the author was the President Dr.Leo Kaltenbäck forced the not to lead the process for family counseling., the coercion took place, because I had too many clients. in ARBÖ legal advice alone I have on Fridays for 25 years advising up to 30 clients. these pages are only in structure and continue on the basis of records and . supplemented Literature: Secret Court of Auditors report Zl 002 189/002-II/1/00- According to report, the entire financial management is untestable - Act were not found, unequal treatment in real-disciplinary general chamber expenditure was financed from the Pension Fund - Travel accounts were audited and without certificate paid - Committee members have of it themselves operate unchecked -.. maximum amounts for accommodation costs, actuarial, annexes are also problem-table by a single chamber, the Graz prosecution has the ministerial display apparently not at all done despite survey contract by the Ministry of Justice also increases the risk for assessment by single chamber and is in the case of the Styrian Chamber of Lawyers loud cit.Rechnungshofbericht page 39 dar. As shown in the literature (Dr.Jahoda) seen this should only be a temporary in 1945 and 1946, a high risk. Additionally, one has to our paid pension funds out. Again a proof no money in the hands of certain attorneys in Styria! Chairman of the Commission for Restitution has not been right. His observations and information about the National Socialists were not sufficient. The spark of evil lives on. There are two . lied A list of the development of the Thule Society and other Nazi Masonic lodges on this page is not technically möglich.Ein part of the appendix had to be moved just as much about the development of these boxes - the research is wrong on many points Summary Bar Association. 1. . A lawyer dead by bullying - 3.A 4.A killed lawyer in a coma state bullying see page 2 A lawyer with medical methods of Otogesellschaft hopeless Secretary death 5.Kritiker incapacitated -.... criminal offense only four lawyers held no incapacitation.. This is just a small sample.
Spiritus rector of the ads was a judge. She wanted to marry the author. You already slandered him at the university. Her father hid in the house of the war Otto Christandl.
Her father's house is Aryanised property.
Method for imploring from Superädifikaten on land
and false declaration has not passed the Superädifikat
and at the same time transfer the whole property to third parties.

Literature used: Swobota - Superädifikate.
Swobota Professor of Civil Law in Graz - Univ. PTOF. And
SA Obersturmbannführer.

A problem with the method of Swobota, there was no
Unit value assessment for the property taken possession.
When the father of the house to judge neunzehndreiundachtzig.

Aspects of British military justice in Austria 1945-1950


The best the Senate Leoben ever had the best Appeals Body Austria - Nazi

Lawyers called him the north Slovenian Senate.

The strongest lineup:

Chair Dr.Hermann Müller (later President LG),

other Senate members: Dr. Josef Kropiunig - later

OLG President and Dr.Konrad Tripolt a legend - any judgment within fourteen days.

District Court Leoben: The worst Blutgericht

in the Third Reich: